3 Safety Sensors That Can Stop Your Heater

Your furnace relies on various sensors just like your vehicle, but it's often more than a minor inconvenience when one fails. Your furnace's sensors help it to operate safely and reliably, so a failed sensor will typically cause your furnace to stop working altogether. Fortunately, furnace sensor failures do have one thing in common with their automotive counterparts: they're usually relatively inexpensive to repair. If your furnace has stopped functioning or it's behaving erratically, it may be due to one of these three sensors. Read More 

Are Flushable Products Wrecking Your Sewer Line?

If you're struggling with frequent plumbing problems no matter how many times you plunge and use drain cleaners, the problem may be no longer inside your house, but rather, outside in the sewer line. If you use flushable products regularly, this is likely the culprit to blame. Here's what you should know about these flushable products, what they're doing to your sewer system, and how you can fix the problem. Read More 

Why Do Inspections Go Hand-In-Hand With Septic Tank Pumping?

You may have heard the advice that you should always have your septic tank inspected before pumping. Most homeowners have their tanks pumped once every three or four years, and this typically provides a reasonable schedule for inspection as well. While this can certainly be as good of a time as any to check your tank's condition, there are more reasons to pair pumping and inspection together. Safety If you have a modern septic system, then safety isn't likely to be a concern. Read More 

Small Preventative Services Than Protect Your Plumbing

Most people think of plumbers as the professionals to call when there's a clog or a burst pipe. But this is only a part of the plumber's job. Plumbers also offer preventative services, and using these services could actually save you money in the long run by reducing your risk of leaks, clogs, and other major problems. Here are some seemingly small preventative services that could save you a large amount of hassle and money. Read More 

Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Plumbing Clogs And Leaks

A properly working plumbing system can seem like a normal convenience that everyone with their own home has in place. If something goes awry, most homeowners who keep their homes well-maintained may be alarmed. Many plumbing disasters can be avoided when homeowners get routine plumbing maintenance services performed. These services include inspecting plumbing systems for failing components that need to be replaced, cleaning drain lines, and observing properties to determine if any potential threats such as nearby trees are present. Read More