How Can a Lack of Maintenance Affect Your Gas Furnace?

If your busy lifestyle prevents you from inspecting and cleaning your gas furnace every year, your appliance could eventually break down or fail to work when you need it. Like many other appliances in your home, gas furnaces can experience wear and tear over the years. Your furnace might have problems turning on properly, reaching the right temperature, or heating your home. Here are things that might occur if you don't maintain your gas furnace properly. Read More 

3 Steps That Can Help You Avoid A Kitchen Plumbing Nightmare

For many homeowners, the kitchen is a sanctuary where they can cook meals and spread joy to the whole family. When the kitchen plumbing acts up, however, the simplest tasks are difficult to complete. You can avoid these kitchen nightmares with some proactive maintenance.  Maintain the Garbage Disposal The last thing you want in the kitchen breaking down is the garbage disposal. Replacing this component could cost you between $165-$300 if you opt for a stainless-steel unit. Read More 

Electrical Problems That May Render Your AC Inefficient

An air conditioner (AC) is an electromechanical system, which means it has both electrical and mechanical parts. Malfunctions can occur on both sides of the system, leading to inefficient cooling. Here are some of the electrical malfunctions that can attack your AC: Capacitor Failure The capacitor's role is to store static electricity which is then used to boost and stabilize the incoming voltage so that it can start the AC motor. Read More 

Wake Up To A Flooded House? 4 Steps You Should Take Right Away

With winter on its way, and the temperatures starting to reach freezing range, your chances of enduring broken water pipes are increasing exponentially. Unfortunately, broken water pipes can ruin your day, your budget, and your belongings. Even with the best precautionary measures, pipes can burst during the winter. When they do, you need to act fast. If you've woken up to find out that your home is under water, here are four important steps you'll need to take right away. Read More 

Broken Kitchen Faucet? Learn How You Can Remove It

Do you have a kitchen faucet that is broken and needs to be replaced? If so, you may be wondering if you can do this job on your own. Here are some tips for replacing a kitchen faucet for those that have not done it before. Prep Work Replacing a faucet means getting underneath the kitchen sink to remove it, so get ready by removing everything from underneath the kitchen sink. Read More