Tips For Summer Heating System Preparations

Oil heat systems need some routine maintenance and care to ensure that they stay functional and efficient each heating season. With summer in full swing, this is the time to take care of that maintenance and take the steps that you can to save money on your heating needs for the upcoming winter. Here are a few things that you should think about doing before the winter season settles in again.

Thorough Cleaning

A thorough cleaning is necessary at least once a year for your oil-burning furnace. Usually completed by a heating contractor, this thorough cleaning will eliminate any soot, ash, or scale buildup in the furnace and the ductwork. 

Soot buildup can lead to an inefficient oil-burning furnace. Additionally, when any moisture mixes with that soot, the sulfur in the soot can lead to corrosion which may damage the furnace and lead to far more costly repairs. 

Working with a heating contractor for this cleaning service is important because it ensures that the cleaning is done properly and thoroughly, protecting your furnace from inefficiency or damage in your home.

Air Filter Replacement

Your oil-burning furnace needs clean air for efficient, effective operation. The air filter in the furnace provides that, though it must be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis. Make sure that the furnace filter is clean before the cold weather season arrives again.

Oil Investment

The summer months are the perfect time for investing in oil for your heating season. That's because, when the heating oil isn't in demand, you'll be able to invest in it at a lower per-gallon price than you would during the winter season. 

Consider investing in the oil you'll need for next winter throughout the summer. That way, your oil tank is ready for the winter season before the weather gets cold and you save significantly on the investment. 

Just remember when buying oil months in advance, you should also invest in a stabilizer additive to keep that oil in the best possible condition for the heating season. Your heating contractor can help you choose the best additive for your home's needs.

These are a few of the things that you should consider for your oil-burning heat system while the weather is warm and you don't need it. Talk with a heating contractor, like, near you today for more information and to ensure that your home's oil-burning furnace is ready before summer comes to an end and the cold weather sets in again.