3 Signs Your Well Pump Is Near The End Of Its Lifespan

Many homes in rural areas that are not connected to a municipal water system must rely on wells to supply all of a household's water needs. In this day and age, there is a lot of well technology, so as long as your well was drilled properly and is in good condition, you should have plenty of water available any time you turn on the shower or a faucet. This is due to your well pump, which forces water out of the well and into your plumbing system. Unfortunately, a well pump will eventually stop operating properly, and you will have to replace it before it fails completely. Here are some common signs that your well pump is nearing the end of its lifespan:

Changes in Water Pressure

After living in a home that utilizes well water for a little while, you tend to become familiar with what type of water pressure to expect when taking a shower or running the sink. If you notice a sudden and unexplained change in water pressure throughout your home, it may indicate a major problem with the well pump. The well pump's motor plays a major role in forcing water into your home, and when the motor wears out, the water pressure often drops since the motor is no longer strong enough to keep water flowing. Since it is so expensive to repair or replace a well pump motor, it is usually recommended to replace the whole pump when the motor fails.

Increase in Your Monthly Electric Bill

When a well pump is in good working condition, it will usually be pretty energy-efficient. However, when components begin to break down and the pump is on its last leg, it may begin cycling on and off frequently or running much more than usual. This happens as the failing pump tries to keep up with pumping water into your home, even though it can no longer do so efficiently. If you see a big jump in your electric bill, you should have your well pump inspected to see if it is time to replace it.

Noisy Pump

When a water pump works like it should, it should run relatively quietly. Thus, when you begin to hear clicking, grinding, or whining sounds when the well pump is running, it is usually a major red flag that there is a big problem. Sometimes strange noises may indicate that a well pump needs to be repaired, but in many cases, it means that the parts inside the pump have worn down and the whole pump needs to be replaced.

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