What’s In Your Sewer Line? Sewer Cleanings Reveal A Lot!

Pray that you never need a sewer cleaning. However, you probably will, because most homeowners will need at least one sewer line cleaning during the course of their homeownership. It almost becomes a necessity at some point, whether shortly after you have purchased the house or a couple of decades into your mortgage. On the flip side, you do get to find out a lot about your sewer line when it does have to be cleaned and purged. Here is what is, or may be, stuck in the line before the plumber cleans and clears it. 

Clumps of Human Hair

All that hair shaved from your face and body goes down a drain. Most of the hair that falls from your head goes down a drain. That hair collects in huge piles in the sewer line, gets hooked over tiny flaws in the pipes, and begins to rot and smell. It takes a long time for hair to decompose, which leaves this stuff to clump up in the sewer line over time. 

Pet Fur

Most plumbers will advise you not to bathe your pets in the human tubs or sinks. This is because pet fur is much more dense than human hair, and it clumps up faster and clogs sewer drains faster than human hair. You may find that you have to call a plumber more often to clean your sewer drain when you bathe your furry friends in the human tub (or sink). 

Animal Tallow

When you cook bacon, hamburger, turkey, chicken, or a variety of other meats to eat, you should never pour the hot, melted fat and grease down the drain. If the animal tallow even manages to make it to the main sewer line, it will quickly collect and form thick clogs attached to the walls of the sewer pipe. It is akin to fat attaching to the interior walls of human arteries and choking off the arteries. The pipes will be choked off almost completely after some time, and then you will end up with standing water in sinks and tubs and toilets that cannot flush waste. 


Metal pipes, particularly those made of lead or iron, deteriorate over time. If you have an older home, your toilet stack and the sewer pipe that runs underground is more than likely made of metal. The metal will rust from the inside out, creating a ton of flaking bits of rusted metal that get stuck in the floating sludge in the sewer line. Cleaning the sewer line often reveals the age of these pipes. 

If you have a buildup of some kind in your sewer line, contact local sewer cleaning services to get things flowing again.