Family Hygiene Needs? 3 Problems Solved By A Portable Toilet Rental

Portable toilets are an expected (and welcomed!) part of any outdoor event where large crowds are expected to attend, as well as being used in some public parks and on large construction sites. But they can also be a valuable asset to individual families and households for smaller uses. If you are wondering how your family might benefit from a portable toilet rental, hand-washing stations, or portable shower trailers, here are three common instances to consider. 

When the scout troop camps in the backyard

Hosting an overnight or weekend activity for your child's scout troop, sports team, or other large group is something that most parents enjoy doing at least once. But this type of gathering can place a heavy strain on both the homeowner and their plumbing system, especially if the home is served by a residential septic system and drain field. In addition to the possibility of overloading the septic tank with dozens of extra showers and toilet flushes, homeowners must also endure the dirt tracked into the home by each camper as they come inside to use the facilities. Placing one or more portable toilet rentals in the backyard during this type of activity can drastically cut down on water usage in the home, lower the risk of overloading the septic system, and help to keep the home cleaner. 

When the bathroom renovation is in full swing

Home renovations that involve the bathroom or those that require disconnecting the water supply for more than a few hours can make every member of the household uncomfortable. This problem becomes even worse if there is no close neighbor or business willing to provide access to a bathroom. A simple solution to keep all family members comfortable is to have a portable toilet delivered and set up in a convenient location near the home for the duration of the renovation project. 

When the block party is in front of your home

Another very good reason for homeowners to rent a portable toilet is when the neighborhood block party is scheduled and much of the activity is slated to occur in the street outside your home. Instead of having neighbors parading through your home for hours, providing convenient access to a portable toilet, along with a hand-washing trailer, near the heart of the festivities will preserve your home (and your toilet paper supply) while ensuring that all attendees remain comfortable and content. 

To learn more about having a portable toilet delivered to your home for these or other needs, contact a reputable portable toilet rental service in your area.