Four Signs You Need To Repair Your Faucet

The faucets within your home are likely the plumbing installation that see the most everyday use. This means that over time, a combination of wear and tear and general aging can cause your faucets to experience a number of problems. Understanding a few of the warning signs associated with faucets that are no longer operating properly can help you determine when you should talk to a plumbing contractor about repairing or replacing them before they begin to exhibit serious issues.


One of the most common issues that can afflict older faucets is a constant dripping. This is usually because of a broken handle that is no longer able to properly seal off the water supply, which can be usually fixed by simply replacing the handle in question – a much cheaper solution. However, in some cases the leak is too severe and the wear to your faucet is excessive enough to warrant replacing the entire fixture.

Leaking Handle

An additional sign that it may be time to replace your faucet is if you notice that water seems to be pooling or leaking out from the base of the handles of the faucet. This is because internal seals have dried out and broken and are no longer able to stop the flow of water completely. This can cause water damage to the area around your faucet, not to mention drive up your water bills each month, and so should be addressed quickly.

Odd Noises

Another clear sign that your faucets have begun to reach the end of their lifespan is if they make a number of odd noises when you turn them on. A grinding, knocking or any other irregular sound coming from your faucets can point to worn out seals and components within the faucet, out of sight but definitely not out of mind. Replacing your faucet can help prevent these damaged internal components from later contributing to a plumbing leak, which is more expensive and complicated to fix and clean up.

Spraying Water

One of the more common problems associated with older faucets, but thankfully also one of the simplest to fix, is if your faucet sprays water when you turn it on. Water that flows out in irregular patterns, or spits in random directions, is caused by a clogged aerator, which is the small filter over the faucet's opening. You can unscrew aerators yourself either by hand or with an adjustable wrench and take the old one into a hardware store to replace it to ensure the proper flow of water is restored.

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