4 Plumbing Drain Cleaning Maintenance And Improvement Tips For Renovations

Plumbing drains can cause a lot of problems with water damage in your home. When doing major renovations to your home, you will want to do maintenance and make improvements to the plumbing systems to ensure that drains are flowing, and you're home is not at risk of future water damage. Here are some drain cleaning maintenance and improvement tips to do during your renovation project:

1. Replacing Outdated Sewer Lines and Storm Drains

Old and outdated sewer lines and storm drains can cause a lot of problems with the plumbing in your home. When you are doing major renovations to your home, you will want to replace the outdated sewer line and drainage pipe materials, which in many areas may be made of clay or steel pipes that corrode and get damaged easily. Talk with your plumbing contractor about installing new pipes or relining old pipes while doing major renovations to your home.

2. Update Mechanical Systems in Household Plumbing Systems

Many plumbing systems in homes require mechanical solutions to remove waste waters. This is often the case in homes with basements or other low-lying plumbing installations. If your home has plumbing that is below the sewer lines outside your home, you will need mechanical solutions such as some pump wells or sewer-grinding pumps to remove waste in these areas. Talk with the plumbing contractor doing work on your renovations about the mechanical systems that you need to upgrade the plumbing in your home.

3. Professionally Install Drain Traps and Clean-outs to Deal with Clogged Plumbing

While you are finishing the sinks in kitchens and bathrooms, keep in mind that there are plumbing traps which prevent gas from getting into your home. These traps can be a cause of many plumbing problems like leaks and clogged pipes. To ensure that the plumbing traps in your home do not cause serious problems, have them installed by a plumbing professional such as Equisure Inspectors, which will mean that they are glued in place and are not at risk of developing leaks or other problems.

4. Install Root Barriers and Other Improvements to Protect Sewer Lines from Damage

One of the problems that you may have with the plumbing outside of your home is roots growing into sewer lines. To prevent these problems, you will want to install root barriers. Root barriers are systems that protect the sewer lines from intrusive plants that can cause serious damage.

These are some plumbing drain maintenance and renovation tips to do during your renovations. If you have drains that need to be repaired or replaced, contact a plumbing contractor for help with your drain cleaning needs.