The Truth About Septic System Repair Costs

You have to love those septic system repair commercials where they show a backyard birthday party or barbecue ruined by a flood of raw sewage all over the yard. It is a nasty enough scene to make you run for the nearest directory and start phoning every septic system contractor in your area. Yet, there is one element in most of these commercials that is more unsettling than a ruined party and raw sewage all over your lawn.

It is the statement by the actor playing the contractor that "these repairs are going to cost you thousands of dollars." Well, that is a rather skewed statement. Some homeowners with septic systems would take this to mean an expense upwards of four or five thousand dollars. That is just not the case. Here is the true cost of most septic repair services.

As Little as $500

Some minor repairs on tanks below and above ground rarely come close to a thousand dollars. Yes, it may still seem like a lot of money, but placed in perspective with some of the outrageous claims of commercials, five hundred bucks (or thereabout) seems like peanuts. Before you start getting knots in your stomach about repair costs, call around. Find contractors like All County Rooter LLC. that are not going to charge you "thousands" for a five-hundred-dollar job.

The National Average Repair Bill Is Around $1,500

Consult with most home improvement and contractor-finder websites as they can confirm the national average septic system repair bill is around fifteen hundred dollars. That means that to get that number as a national "average," most repairs are under two grand and even less than that. Sure, there are some high end repairs, but those usually involve a complete removal and replacement of a failed tank that is so old it had to go anyway.

High-End Septic System Bills

There are three reasons why a septic tank repair bill is high.

  1. The tank finally gave out after decades and had to be replaced anyway. 
  2. You are installing a septic system for the very first time ever, and/or you live in a very remote area, like the Alaskan wilderness. 
  3. The septic contractor overcharges.

The first two reasons are sound enough for charging four to six grand. The last reason is exactly why you need to call around and get estimates for the work before you hire someone. Most septic contractors will deal with you fairly, but it still helps to get estimates first.