Does Your Girlfriend’s Shower Have Low Pressure? 3 Tips To Be A Hero And Fix It

Low water pressure in the shower is one of life's little problems that can turn into a major issue if it goes on too long. Not only does low water flow ruin the relaxing experience of a hot shower, but it can also signify a potentially serious issue that may require plumbing services to get it under control. Whether your girlfriend is complaining about how long it takes to wash her hair or you discovered the issue on your own, use these tips to be a hero and fix the underlying cause.

Check the Showerhead

While low pressure in the shower can have a variety of causes, a clogged showerhead is a fairly common reason for this problem. This is especially likely if your girlfriend's water supply is hard and contains large amounts of minerals such as calcium. Take a good look at the showerhead to see if obvious buildup exists in the holes. This buildup may be white or cream colored and resemble soap scum. If so, then use a cleaner that is designed for removing lime scale and mineral deposits. Typically, this involves soaking the showerhead for the amount of time specified on the container, and you may need to use a toothbrush to remove caked-on debris. Once the buildup is removed, you should find that the water flows stronger from the showerhead unless there is another underlying cause.

Try Running the Bath

Many homes and apartments have shower and bathtub combos where you use a switch to make the water flow from the showerhead to the faucet. If your girlfriend has a setup like this, then you should know that there is a diverter valve that moves when you use the switch to change the direction of the flow. After years of use, it is common for the diverter valve to malfunction. Try switching the water to flow from the bathtub faucet. If you notice that the flow is strong from the bathtub fixture but weak from the showerhead, then arrange for plumber services to repair or replace the valve.

Watch Out for Leaks

When someone calls regarding low water pressure, plumbers often conduct a complete inspection of the entire plumbing system. This is because it is possible that an existing leak elsewhere in the system could divert the water away from the shower. Check the other fixtures in the house to see if any others have low water pressure. If this is the case, then contact a professional plumber to conduct a leak detection inspection that identifies the source of problem.

While some people may brush off low water pressure, this is never a good idea because there is often a simple solution that restores your comfort in the shower. By knowing how to check for the most obvious issues and seek help for problems that are beyond your expertise, you can impress your girlfriend with your home maintenance skills. For help, contact a company such as All American Construction & Plumbing.