3 Problems With Your Septic System That You Will Want To Be Aware Of

There are many problems with septic systems that can be costly to repair, and you want to be aware of them. It is important to know what can go into a septic tank, when the tank needs pumping, and how to prevent damage to the drain field. Here are some of the problems with septic systems that you will want to be aware of:

1. Keeping Your Septic Tank Healthy by Watching What Goes in It

If you want to keep your septic system healthy, it is important to watch what goes into the tank. Things like personal hygiene products and paper can cause the tank to quickly become full of solids and can clog components like inlets, outlets, and drainage lines. In addition, it is also important to be careful with the amount of chemicals that go into a tank. Chemicals in household cleaning products can kill of bacteria in the tank that breaks down waste and cause problems with solids.

2. Knowing When It Is Time to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped

It is also important to know when it is time to have your tank pumped. For the average sized septic tank, you will want to have it pumped every few years, but this depends on use. If there are more people in your household or problems with your tank, you may need to have it pumped more often than the average every few years. In addition, you may want to consider having an alarm installed to alert you of any potential problems with your septic tank.

3. Avoiding Common Causes of Damage to Septic Drain Fields

There are also many things that can cause damage to septic drain fields. One of the problems that you will want to be aware of is solids that can get into distribution boxes and the drain lines of the septic field. In addition, heavy loads over a septic drain field and plants like trees that have extensive root systems can cause damage. Avoid placing heavy things on septic drain fields or driving over them with equipment or vehicles. If you want to plant over a drain field, use plants like herbs, perennial flowers and grasses, which will not cause damage.

These are some of the problems with septic systems that you will want to be aware of. If you need help with maintenance or repairs, contact a plumbing service to help with the installation of backflow prevention service devices to prevent septic waste from flowing back into your home when there is a problem.