3 Important Reasons To Keep Your Driveway Drain Clear

If you live in a rural area that sustains a lot of rainfall and precipitation, your residential property is bound to have a few more drains than most. One particular area where you can usually find a drain is in your driveway, especially if your drive slopes toward your home or even if it slopes toward a city street. If you have a drainage system in your driveway, there are important reasons to keep this drain free-flowing and clean. Here is a look at a few things that can happen if you do not keep your driveway drain clear and clean with the help of a drain cleaning company. 

1. A blocked drain can lead to flooding in and around your home. 

Did you know that a homeowner's insurance adjuster will take note of property drains when they assess the costs of your premium or provide you with an assessment of damage? The fact is, drainage systems outside of your home can have a huge impact on flooding probabilities inside the house, under the house, and around the rest of the property. If your driveway drain is clogged and a major rain system moves through the area, all the water that would normally be wicked away has to go somewhere. Unfortunately for some homeowners, this can mean the water goes for their home, such as in the garage, into the crawlspace, or down into the basement. 

2. A blocked drain can cause damage to your driveway. 

One of the reasons driveway drains tend to be installed is they naturally draw precipitation to the drain so it can be eliminated from the area without disrupting the solid structures on the ground. If your driveway drain is blocked, when it rains the water will pool in your driveway or runoff in areas where it shouldn't. With time, this excess water runoff and pooling can cause things like potholes in a paved surface or erosion of concrete. Even if the water is draining slower than it should because a drain is partially blocked, it can change the natural pattern of the water when it hits the ground and cause damage.  

3. A blocked drain can attract pests to the vicinity. 

A blocked driveway drain that contains standing water is the perfect hideout for some types of pests. Mosquitoes need standing water to lay eggs, rodents look for nests with easy water access, and even some insects like termites and roaches prefer dark and moist areas. Therefore, just having a clogged driveway drain may not seem hugely important, but it can be a highly worrisome pest attractor on your property.