Are Slow Plumbing Fixtures An Urgent Issue?

Sometimes your plumbing fixtures such as your faucet or showerhead may produce less water than they should. Or it could be your kitchen sink or bathroom that is not draining properly. Do you need to be concerned about your slow plumbing issue? Well, it all depends on the location and the nature of the problem.

Low Pressure

When the kitchen faucet produces just a trickle of water, then there is a problem of low pressure. This could be due to a number of reasons:

The faucet aerator or shower head is clogged with mineral deposits. This is normally not an emergency, and you can fix it yourself. Remove the aerator and clean it up. You may also dip it in vinegar overnight. Do the same with the showerhead.

Exceptionally, low pressure may be caused by undersized pipes. This is more likely if your home is new. Undersized pipes reduce water pressure resulting in a slow flow. The solution is to install larger sized pipes. If your home is old, your pipes may be clogged with sediments. Have them examined and cleaned by a professional.


If water pressure is still low, you could be having a leak in the pipe leading to your home. This can cause significant structural damage to your home. Call a plumbing repair professional immediately.

Blocked Drains

These range from minor to serious. A blocked kitchen sink or shower drain are common and easy to fix. First, try using a plunger.

Alternatively, you can remove the stopper and try removing the debris using a bent clothes hanger or a pair of pliers. If that doesn't work, you may use commercial drain cleaners.

Note that such cleaners contain harsh chemicals that may damage pipes if used too often. If the problem keeps recurring, call a plumbing repair professional for a comprehensive job.

Bad smells and gurgling sounds from your drainage speak of more serious problems in your main drainage line. These should be fixed as soon as possible by emergency plumbing services.

If unattended, slow drains can cause structural damage to your house. You could easily end up with a flooded basement. There is also the risk of back-up which can create a health hazard, a big mess, and an emergency.

While many issues with slow plumbing fixtures can be handled by an amateur, note that others can be serious and call for urgent attention. Do not wait for an emergency to come up.

If you cannot diagnose or fix a slow plumbing issue, call a plumbing repair company like Scroggins Plumbing of Kentucky Inc.