How To Plunge Your Toilet In Three Easy Steps

If your toilet gets clogged, you can unclog your toilets using a plunger. However, you need to know how to use that plunger in order to unclog your toilet.

#1 Check The Water Level

First, you need to check the water level in your toilet. For the plunger to work correctly, you need to have enough water in the toilet bowel for the head of the plunger to be submerged in water when you place it inside of the toilet. The water needs to cover the rim of the plunger cup. If there is not enough water in your toilet, pour some water directly into the toilet bowl until the water level is raised up above the rim of the plunger cup.

#2 Lower The Plunger Into The Water Correctly

Take the plunger and put it into the toilet at an angle. This will allow water to fill up the cup on the plunger. You want the cup on the plunger to be full of water, not air. If the cup of the plunger is full of air, this will reduce the force of your plunges and will cause the water to further compress. When the cup on the plunger is full of water, your plunges will have more force.

Place the plunger directly over the drain hole inside of your toilet. You want the plunger to seal around the drain hole.

#3 Push & Pull Forcefully

Hold the plunger with both hands, and push it down and pull it up forcefully. The trick is to not break the seal that the plunger cap made with your toilet bowel. Do this about five or six times, then pull the cup off so that the hole is exposed when you complete the very last thrust. This will help create a series of compression and suction that should loosen up whatever is clogging up your toilet.

You are going to want to repeat this process until the toilet empties itself. When the toilet empties itself, flush the toilet and make sure that it flushes properly this time. If it doesn't flush properly, you may need to do a little more plunging.

It can take a few attempts in order to push the clog through your toilet. Once you unclog your toilet, you are going to want to be careful about what you put down your toilet. Only put toilet paper down your toilet is the best way to prevent it from getting clogged. If your toilet gets clogged a lot, make sure that you have it checked out by a professional plumber to discover the underlying issue for your constant clogs. For more information, contact companies like Marcum Plumbing Services, Inc.