Tips For Choosing A New Kitchen Sink

Whether you're replacing your sink as part of a full-scale kitchen remodel or you're just looking to replace the fixture, there are a lot of things you need to consider. While it's always best to work with a plumbing contractor for things like this, you should still be aware of some of the best practices. This is particularly true if you're considering doing the replacement yourself. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you're planning out the project.

Don't Shop Just On Price

While your budget is certainly a significant consideration when you're making any plumbing changes, it shouldn't be the only deciding factor.  When you shop solely based on prices, including discounts offered by a plumber or supplier, you face a few different potential problems.

You may find that those discounts don't include some additional fees, such as service charges or installation costs. You may also have to buy adapters and other supplies to get the job done right. You may also find that buying a sink solely on price leaves you needing custom fittings, plumbing line relocations, and other services to get it to fit.

To avoid this kind of problem, you should shop for the sink that fits your needs first, then prioritize your budget constraints afterward. That ensures that you are getting something that fits right and doesn't need extra work while also staying within your financial limitations.

Make Sure The New Sink Matches Your Design

Another common mistake is to choose a sink without considering how well it will match your decor. That can leave you with more costly changes ahead to get everything to meld properly. You may have to replace your counters or resurface your cabinets for everything to look right together.

You can avoid this by making sure that whatever sink you choose matches the final style of your kitchen. This isn't as much of a concern if your plumber is installing fixtures as part of a large-scale remodel, but if you're only replacing the sink, you should prioritize the overall appearance before you buy.

Buy For Features, Not For Competition

The tendency to want to keep up with your neighbors is a common problem for many homeowners. If you're looking at a specific sink because you saw it in your neighbor's house, that doesn't automatically mean that the sink will work well in your home. For example, if your neighbor has a larger kitchen, a double sink may fit very well. If your kitchen is smaller and has less counter space, a double sink may be far too much for the environment. Choose your sink based on your own needs, not out of a desire to compete.

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