3 Household Plumbing Repairs That Are Simple To Do On Your Own

When there is a problem with the plumbing in your home, the first thing that you think about doing is calling the plumber. While there are many plumbing jobs that should be left up to the professionals, there are also a few that you should know how to do on your own, such as fixing a leaking toilet, clearing clogged drains and repairing leaking faucets or pipe fittings. Here are a few of the household plumbing problems that you can do on your own:

1. The Leaking Toilet That May Be Costing You a Fortune

One plumbing problem that you may not pay much attention to is the leaking or constantly running toiler. When you get a water bill after a toilet has been running for days or weeks, you are going to notice because it uses a lot of water. The problem is usually a float or valve or other part inside the tank that needs to be replaced. You can get a toilet repair kit to replace these parts and stop leaks. When doing repairs to the toilet, it is also a good time to reduce water consumption by reducing the amount of water needed to fill the tank. You can use jugs filled with sand to take up space and reduce the water a toilet uses.

2. Gaskets and Seals on Pipes That Often Wear and Need to Be Replaced

There are many different types of gaskets and seals for the plumbing in your home. Areas like toilets or kitchen spray nozzles often have threaded fittings that screw together. These fittings are sealed with a special tape that wraps around the threads of the male fitting before they connection is screwed together. Sometimes, the tape that seals fittings will wear and needs to be replaced. In addition, seals are used for faucets and the drain in sinks and often wear out and need to be replaced when they begin to leak.

3. The Clogged Pipes That Are Often Easier to Fix Than You Think

Sometimes, there are clogged pipes that cause slow drainage or are completely stopped up. In some areas of your home, these problems may even cause strange noises due to a clogged plumbing vent. To clear plumbing vents, use a garden hose or rent a commercial plumbing auger from a tool rental service. If you use water, make sure to watch for flooding inside your home when clearing the vent. For clogs in a tub, remove the overflow and use a plumbing snake to get to whatever is stopping up the drain.

These are a few of the household plumbing repairs that you will be able to do on your own. If you have a plumbing problem that is too much for you to handle, contact a professional plumbing contractor to help complete the repairs on your own. For more information, visit a website such as http://www.LewisPlumbingSantaBarbara.com.