How Can a Lack of Maintenance Affect Your Gas Furnace?

If your busy lifestyle prevents you from inspecting and cleaning your gas furnace every year, your appliance could eventually break down or fail to work when you need it. Like many other appliances in your home, gas furnaces can experience wear and tear over the years. Your furnace might have problems turning on properly, reaching the right temperature, or heating your home. Here are things that might occur if you don't maintain your gas furnace properly.

How Can a Lack of Maintenance Hurt Your Furnace?

Furnaces that use natural gas and other fuels can become dangerous due to a lack of maintenance. Gas appliances can clog up with soot, or they can release toxic invisible odors into the home. Unless you have carbon monoxide detectors in your house, you may not notice the gases until it's too late. 

In addition, gas furnaces rely on various parts to operate correctly during the cold season. Many of these parts need clean air to produce or transfer heat, including the blower and heat exchanger. If dust clogs up the parts, they may overheat or shut down, which can also be dangerous on extremely cold days and nights.

You can keep the problems mentioned above from affecting you and your furnace by inspecting and cleaning your appliance.

What Should You Do About Your Furnace?

Before you proceed further, cut all power to the furnace then check and change the appliance's air filter. A dirty air filter can prevent air from entering the blower compartment and cooling down the blower motor. If the motor overheats, it can become severely damaged.

Next, inspect the wheel, or squirrel cage, inside the blower compartment for dust. The wheel uses blades to push or circulate air toward the heat exchanger. You can use a small brush or vacuum to clean it. Also, add a few drops of oil to the motor hidden inside the wheel. Oil keeps the motor from drying out and overheating.

Finally, vacuum or wipe down the interior surfaces of the furnace. You want to make the appliance as clean as you can to keep it operational. Allow the surfaces to dry thoroughly before returning power to the appliance. 

If your furnace exhibits problems when you turn it back on, contact a plumber or heating contractor, such as Bill Rhiner's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, for additional help. The appliance may have issues with the parts you can't clean yourself, such as the heat exchanger or air ducts. 

To obtain more tips on how to maintain or clean your furnace, call or schedule an appointment with a specialist today.