3 Vital Reason Why Your Outdoor Event Needs Portable Toilets

Are you in the process of planning an outdoor wedding or some other social event? Have you been working hard to ensure that your guests will have a good time? It's easy to get so focused on the food, decorations, and entertainment that you inadvertently neglect an aspect of your event that is also important: the restrooms. Although it's something that you may not like to think about, the truth is that your guests will likely need to use the restroom at least once apiece. This is especially true if your event is going to last for several hours. In order to help ensure that your guests have a good time, it's a good idea to at least consider renting some portable restroom facilities. Although you might balk at the thought, there are actually several good reasons why you should consider this:

Lack of facilities: In some instances, an outdoor venue will have no restroom facilities at all. This is especially true of more "secluded" and "picturesque" locations. The nearest location with a usable toilet may be a gas station or diner several miles down the road. They may not appreciate having potentially dozens of your guests arriving to only use the toilet. By having a handful of porta potties on-location, you'll help to prevent your guests from leaving entirely or from bothering the nearby businesses that they might otherwise descend upon.

Sub-standard facilities: Even if facilities exist, they may be extremely sub-standard. There may be insufficient bathroom tissue, some of the fixtures may be broken, there may be no doors, or there may be no access at all for people who have to use mobility aids. All of these problems can be alleviated by selecting the correct number of porta potties for your event. Modern portable toilets come in many shapes and sizes. There is, of course, the standard model that you may be most familiar with, the one that somewhat resembles a phone booth in size and shape. However, there are more modern designs that have been created for the use of people who use wheelchairs or for mothers with young children. 

Better sanitization: In addition to the porta potties themselves, consider also renting portable handwashing facilities. This is especially necessary if you're going to have food and drinks at your event. Even if a person doesn't need to use the restroom, they may want to wash dirt from their hands before they eat or drink anything. Promoting good hygiene habits in this way will help to prevent an outbreak of food poisoning, something that could certainly put a damper on your entire event.