Think About Using The Trenchless Sewer Repair Method

Generally, everything between your house and the main sewer and water connections near the street is your responsibility. That means that if a water pipe bursts and starts flooding the yard if it's on your side of the meter, you are going to have to pay to have it fixed. It's the same with a sewer line. If it bursts between your house and where it connects up to the main sewer line for your street, you're on the hook for repair and the associated costs. If you do have a sewer line break in your yard, there are ways that you can get it fixed. The easiest way is to hire a company that does trenchless repairs. 

Trenchless Repair

The traditional way to repair a sewer line in your yard is to dig a trench along the sewer line so that they until they find the break. Then the plumbers will widen that trench so that they can work on the sewer line. That can leave a large scar in your yard and destroy your landscaping. You can also end up with a lot of equipment in your yard to dig the trench and then to fill it back up. However, with a trenchless repair, instead of digging a trench in your yard, the plumber is able to pinpoint the damaged area with a camera that they will send through the sewer line and then send a special kind of pipe down the rest of the pipes that will burst the broken pipe and then expand to take its place, fixing the problem. There are a lot of benefits to using trenchless repair for the sewer line. 


One of the biggest benefits to hiring a plumber who uses the trenchless repair method is that the repair is going to be done much quicker. Since the plumber doesn't have to dig all along the pipe to find the broken area, they are saving all that digging time as well as all the time that it would generally take to fill the trench back in. It's also going to cost you less money since the repair is going to be easier on everyone. 

If your sewer line is broken, then you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Think about hiring a plumber, such as from Moon Valley Plumbing, who uses the trenchless sewer line repair method. It will get the mess fixed much sooner.